Get your geek on! It’s test time.

MCR Safety’s Innovations Technology Center (ITC) works as an internal Research & Development (R&D) facility dedicated to improving the quality and integrity of our products. Important data is collected from our products, competitor products and products in development to help provide better quality to the customer as per their requirements, needs and expectations. ITC is able to run multiple tests on the quality of our gloves making it easier for the customer to choose which one suits his or her needs the best.  These gloves are categorized from the lowest to the highest quality based on the different performance aspects of the material. Through ITC we see opportunities through the testing data and analyzing the results in order to provide the best information to the customer. ITC performs testing operations based on ANSI/ISEA and CE standards. ITC also develops its own internal test procedures to do comparisons between the materials and obtain the results based on the best possible data and analysis.

Capabilities for the testing of gloves include abrasion, cut, tear, puncture, tensile, and dexterity. String knit manufacturing equipment is also an available resource for experimenting with new innovative yarn combinations.  Glasses and face shields are subjected to ANSI high velocity impact testing.  Garments can be tested for laundering capabilities for durability of fabric materials and reflective coatings. The goal of our ITC lab is to utilize these technical resources to assure performance of our safety gear as well as contribute to innovative product development.

We believe in the numbers we obtain from rigorous testing, ITC helps to give the shape to those numbers to produce the best quality product in the market.

Special thanks to Terry Bell, Vipin Myneni, and Josh Murrell for their input on this article.