Its Five O’clock Somewhere

It’s a Friday evening; you’re almost done with your shift and your thinking about the warm weather this weekend and how many outside chores you can get done so you can be set aside some time to play a little. Right?  Cutting the grass, planting flowers, mulching the flower beds, and wait, we have to set some time to do what we enjoy; go fishing, play some softball, head to the shooting range.

Do you ever think about safety outside of your work place?  If you work in a factory or for a local DOT I’m sure you are wearing a pair of safety glasses, gloves and possibly a class 2 vest.  What do you do when the 5 o’clock bell rings and its time to head home?  Do you leave your safety gear at work or do you take it home with you?

Most of the above “chores” or “sports” can be dangerous to the hand or eye in certain situations.  Are you prepared to explain to your employer why your eye is injured or why your vision is impaired because a piece of debris is imbedded in it?

If you wear PPE 40 hours a week what’s it going to hurt you to wear it a few more hours playing softball or cutting the grass on Saturday morning?