It’s hot as H*** out here!

As summer heats up we need to be reminded to take care of ourselves while working outdoors.

We want to supply you with some helpful links to some terrific information on heat safety:

1) National Weather Service Website:

2) The Red Cross:

3) CDC:

4) OSHA:

These links will give you an opportunity to educate yourself against the hazards of getting overheated. PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) can aid in either helping or hurting the situation. Here are a few tips concerning PPE:

1) Boots or shoes: wear lighter weight socks or when available and acceptable, wear boots with more mesh for breathing

2) Eyewear or goggles: anti-fog coatings are a key during heat. Many wearers remove the glasses when fogging, thus causing a hazard. Also make sure the lenses are polycarbonate and filter proper UV. (All MCR Safety’s plano glasses feature polycarbonate that filters 99.9% UV up to 400 nanometers)

3) Respirators: If available use respirators with an exhalation valve. This will prevent heat build up in the cup of the respirator

4) Gloves: Lighten up during summer. Many leather gloves offer breathable backs such as mesh. If you are using a cotton or polyester glove, try using nylon. If your crew uses cut resistant gloves, makes sure the material breaths properly for the application

5) Hard Hats: Use a hat with ventilation in the top for allowing heat to escape

6) Safety Vests: If you are using solid material, try using a mesh material.

These are some simple thoughts on how to protect, but allow comfort during hot months. Bottom line though, NEVER COMPROMISE SAFETY FOR COMFORT! In today’s market place there are many options to help workers stay cool and safe. Our job as Safety Professionals is to find the options.

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